Sunday, 16 April 2017

How to create an effective team for Dream 11 league

Dream 11 is a great source for earning online, if you have a good knowledge about sports. And let me tell you that i am a passionate player of Dream 11 and have won over 80 thousands till date. Here i am going to share the experience.
Let me first explain about the points.

Fantasy Points System

  • Run

  • Boundary Bonus

  • Six Bonus

  • Half-century Bonus

  • Century Bonus

  • Dismissal for a duck

    Batsman, Wicket-Keeper & All-Rounder

  • Wicket

    Excluding Run Out
  • 4 wicket haul Bonus

  • 5 wicket haul Bonus

  • Maiden over



  • Catch

  • Stumping/Run-out

  • Run Out (Thrower)

  • Run Out (Catcher)

For one day match:  Focus more on the batsman specially openers.

For t20: It is more important to focus more on the  bowlers and all-rounders,because they can  perform batting as well,whereas the batsman cant bowl.
Also do check,  Whether the pitch is good for bowler or batsman?.

Batsman Selection (chose 4 batsman only)

Choose two batsman from a team and two another batsman from another team. Always choose the batsman who plays on the top position. Choose opener batsman(first ,second,third ,fourth position) as they have more chances to play more balls than another players. It is wise to choose a single player between first position player and second position player and another player between 3rd position player and 4th position player from a team. because in the starting over,ball seems to swing more and chances for opener batsman out are more, And same strategy from the second team. So you must have only 4 batsman.

So you have to choose four player(batsman) from the team, 2 from one team and other 2 from other team.

Al-rounder Selection(choose 3 players here):

Choose three all-rounder players. All-rounder plays an important role. Choose 3 alrounder because if top batsman tends to out soon,they can perform batting in the middle.

Bowlers Selection( choose 4 fast bowlers):

Choose four bowlers.( 2 from each side). Remember one thing,choose 4 fast main bowler.

They have more chances to take wickets. The reason is as in the starting of the match,the ball seems to swing more and have more chances to dismissed the batsman .so must choose 4 fast bowlers from the both team. If alrounder contains 1 fast bowler, then choose 3 fast bowler in this section.

In the final over,the every batsman is in hurry and has more chances to out.

Captain and Vice-captain:

Make captain and vice-captain to the bowlers or all-rounders.

So the conclusion is:

4 batsman, 3 all-rounder, 4 fast bowler.

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