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Where should i apply for the PhD?

You can apply anywhere in the world after your master degree. If you are thinking to apply for the PhD in India. First of all try in Government Universities. If you are fresher with no experience and without NET/ JRF, it will be difficult to get admission in these universities but possible. The alternate case is you can start your PhD from any private university. You can check the list of all the universities from the UGC website. What is difference between MPhil and PhD? | What is MPhil? | What is PhD? What is part time Phd? | What is full time PhD? | What is Regular PhD? What is PhD? | How to take admission for the PhD? | Duration? | What will be the monthly stipend? | What after PhD? What are the benefits of doing a PhD?

What to do after clearing the UGC NET/ JRF?

What to do after clearing the UGC NET/ JRF? UGC NET/JRF is conducted for college assistant professorship or you can continue further studies. Lets consider two separate cases(NET only and JRF) and talk on these two cases one by one. Case 1: After clearing the NET only: So friends, if you are NET cleared, you can apply for the job as an Assistant Professor in the colleges or in the Universities. However after 2021, PhD will be mandatory for the Assistant Professor in the Universities but with NET you can apply in the colleges without any issue. Moreover you can also do PhD after NET. The benefit is: if you are NET cleared you will be exempted for the entrance exam in the PhD admission process but you have to appear for the Interview. After clearing the NET, You can open your own tutorial and can help other candidates to clear this prestigious exam. My suggestion is if you are NET Cleared and your age is less than 30. you should given one more chance to JRF. Case 2: Aft

How to start Research?

You can start Research from your own end. It does not matter whether you are an independent researcher or affiliated to an Institution. Better if you are registered at an Institution so that you can get Degree of your hard work. Since there are many more other reasons to start the Research. Before starting research, choose a domain that you like the most or your Guide can suggest you. After choosing a particular domain (example my domain is Web Mining). Start reading research papers on that domain. Remember, you have to study the research papers from the start when that particular domain originated ( for example web mining is originated since 1990, and i started reading the research papers that was published at that time). It will make your base more strong. And you have to devote minimum 6 months on the literature review. Moreover you have to read standard papers ( you can download these papers from the Google Scholar or Research Gate which are published by the renowned pub

How to prepare for the UGC NET Computer Science?

I qualified the UGC NET in Computer Science in December, 2018. Well, I was also in the same dilemma when I was preparing for the UGC NET  Computer Science and GATE Computer Science. For preparing well and thoroughly, You have to prepare yourself  according to the previous years question papers. Don't get bother about the syllabus provided by the UGC or GATE administration. In this post i will share the strategy you need for the second paper that is computer science subject. For the first paper, You can follow this link."  Tips for the first paper.  " Steps that you must follow: Download and take a print out of the syllabus. Start reading standard books for the all the different subjects. If you don't have books, you can download the eBooks from the internet. Below i have provide the sources of all the ebooks from where you download the eBooks. If you are not good at reading the books like me, You can study each topic from the YouTube according to the s