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Indian Education System

In India, One can get the education from School, College and Universities. Moreover there are also many prominent Institutes where one can get his desired degree. In India, a person get his education either from Government or Private Organization. You have to pay tuition fees in private organization, but there is no fees in Government organization. For getting education in government organization, you need to appear for an entrance test. School In Schools, one can get education from pre- nursery to 12th class. There are some private and government schools  in India. You don't have to pay any fee in Government School. College In colleges, you can complete your bachelor education like B.Sc, BA, B.Tech, BCA, BBA, and many other courses.  University For getting Master or PhD (Doctorate Degree), the candidate needs to enter in any university. In India, there are four types of Universities: Private Universities, State Universities (Govt.) , Central Universities (Govt

How to apply for the PhD abroad?

You can apply online after completing your Post Graduation. For it you have to make a strong and good research proposal to get attention of the Professors. Make one thing note, try to write a conceivable email because they receive 100s of email per day. Tips: First of all take help of any professor in your institute. He can guide you to write research papers and give an idea to start your research path. After getting a little experience of the research, you can continue your independent research and write one or two good research papers. These research papers will definitely help you to get admission into some Good institutes.

How to check the plagiarism for free?

Check the plagiarism is one of the most crucial and first step in order to publish or submitting the article. It might be a Research Paper, Complete Thesis or any small article on any topic. Requirements of Checking the plagiarism: To avoid any rejection from the Journal. To avoid any difficulty in submitting your thesis work. To process your research work further. Free plagiarism checkers There are many free plagiarism softwares and websites available online. These free products are not up the mark. It complete your task up to the 10 percent. So you can't rely on these softwares. Some of these free products are as: Paid plagiarism checkers So in order to check a good plagiarism report. There are some paid software available in the market. These websites are as under: https://www.turnitin.

Basic and Important terms in Computer Science

Software Framework vs Library The possible answer to this question, if asked, will be “Framework is a collection of various libraries”. However, this definition is not entirely true. Library  A library provides a set of helper functions/objects/modules which your application code calls for specific functionality. Framework  Framework, on the other hand has defined open or unimplemented functions or objects which the user writes to create a custom application. In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

Where can i read research paper for free

Reading research papers is an art. And searching and download takes much efforts.Well you can download and read the  research papers online for free. In this post I am going to provide you the name of two most popular search engines that are  easily available to download and read the research papers. The first one is Google scholar it is search engine provided by the Google only for the researchers to download and read the the research papers. The another search engine is researchgate . you can also make your own account and add your own your research papers through these search engines. But there are some research papers which you can't download and read for free.

How to research for an assignment?

Often we have been asked from some one (most probably teacher) to write assignment or an article on any topic. This situation mostly arises when we are in the college or university and the same time we have a lot of pressure on us we have to cope with all the course time. For copy the assignment, everyone of us go the internet and start surfing all the web. In order to make the assignment or an article well written, we open around more than 10 web links. To copy and organize the desired material from these large number of websites becomes hectic and time consuming. So in this post i tell you a very smart way to copy standard data from standard server and in a very standard way. Always try to read or copy data from the Google Scholar  which stores millions of research paper on all the fields. For example; you want to write article on "search engine". Steps: Go to Google Scholar. Search for the "search engine" in the search box. In the result you will get s