Indian Education System

In India, One can get the education from School, College and Universities. Moreover there are also many prominent Institutes where one can get his desired degree.

In India, a person get his education either from Government or Private Organization.
You have to pay tuition fees in private organization, but there is no fees in Government organization. For getting education in government organization, you need to appear for an entrance test.


In Schools, one can get education from pre- nursery to 12th class. There are some private and government schools  in India. You don't have to pay any fee in Government School.


In colleges, you can complete your bachelor education like B.Sc, BA, B.Tech, BCA, BBA, and many other courses. 


For getting Master or PhD (Doctorate Degree), the candidate needs to enter in any university. In India, there are four types of Universities: Private Universities, State Universities (Govt.) , Central Universities (Govt.) and Demmed Universities.


In India, top institutes are IITs. These institutes are mostly known for engineering (B.Tech). But getting admission into these institutes is not an easy job. 


  1. Every country has different education system. Indian education system is good. There are several college universities which are famous in the world and provide quality education. Yes IIT is one of the the top institution in India which is known for engineering. Many students comes from other countries here for study. Entrance exam is compulsory to apply for government institution. Singaporean Education is also known for quality education in the world. You can compare with other countries.


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