How to become a Government Assistant Professor?

Tips to become a Government Assistant Professor 

One can apply for the post of an Assistant Professor in the government colleges or universities. Before applying for the post, one must posses the following required eligibility.

Eligibility for Assistant Professor

The eligibility for Assistant Professor is master degree from a recognized university with minimum 55% marks. However, SC/ST/OBC candidates are required to have 50% marks in the master degree. Besides master degree, the candidate must cleared UGC NET exam. However, candidates are exempted from the UGC NET who has got his PhD degree with the rule and regulations of 2009.

Eligibility is: Master Degree + UGC NET (or PhD).

Measurable tips for becoming Government Assistant Professor

  1. Try to score more marks in the Bachelor and Master degree, because these marks has weightage in the selection process. 
  2. If you are NET qualified, you should complete your PhD degree as soon as possible. Having combination of both NET and PhD make your chances for job double.
  3. Write more and more research papers. Research paper has its own separate score in the selection process.
  4. The candidate should attend conferences and workshops.
  5. Meanwhile, you can join any government institute on the contractual basis. For the every year you embark in the institute, you will get the experience certificate. These experience certificates carry points.


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