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How to complain against a university to UGC in India?

The UGC has taken a very important step to listen the problems of the students in very transparent way using its new designed Portal.  To lodge a compliant follow the following steps: 1. Go to the link: 2. Click on Student Corner. 3. Here you need to register first and login through this portal. 4. After successfully login, you need to update your personal information.
5. Next you have to provide information about your university and the detail of the problem you are facing.

What is the minimum time to complete PhD?

The minimum duration of PhD is 3 years including Course Work and the maximum term is 6 years. However the term can be exceeded in some cases.
The duration of Course Work is 6 months which is mandatory for every Scholars, however the students with the MPhill background or students who have done course work earlier can be exempted from the Course Work.
The students who are exempted from the Course Work, have also to devote a minimum term of 3 years for his PhD completion.
After the completion of course work, the scholars have to submit his synopsis for the research for the registration of his topic.
After a suitable time, the Scholar has to submit his synopsis after the course work. The deadline is provided by the university to submit the synopsis. After 18 months of submission of the synopsis, the scholars can submit his thesis, but the overall minimum term of his PhD is 3 years.

Can I change my PhD supervisor?

Yes you change your PhD Supervisor at some generous cases. Let's understand some cases:
If your topic is get registered under a Supervisor. After that you can't change your your supervisor normally. Although you can be provided a Co- Supervisor.
You can change your supervisor if some think happens like the death of your supervisor, or your supervisor leaves the country.
Although Supervisor can be changed on the mutual understanding of both supervisor( new one and old one) under the proper conditions of DRC of the university. This step seems difficult but not impossible.

What to do if your PhD supervisor leaves the university?

If your PhD Supervisor leaves the university, here are the following possibilities you can do or your university can do for you. These possibilities vary from one university to another university.
The possibilities are as under:

You would be provided another Supervisor. It might affect your research. If you have passed much time with the past supervisor, then probably it would not be recommended to get under another supervisor. It is better to continue research with past one. It depends on you how you interact with him.You can shift to another university with your supervisor after getting a NOC from the present university. You can also migrate if both the universities agree and afterward you will be awarded degree from the new University.

What is the relation between Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence? | What is the relation between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Relation between IoT and AIThe future of IoT is AI. IoT is just interconnection of two or more things using Internet. These things might be an electronic device, a person, a non- living things, etc. We can make them able to communicate with one another using the concept of IoT. For example, a person can control his mobile, Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner remotely using the internet facility.
Did you notice one thing in the above definition defining the IoT? In IoT there is need to command the things to take a action because the things lacks intelligence. Artificial Intelligence comes into role in these circumstances.
Artificial Intelligence is the process to intrude artificial intelligence to the things so that the things could be able to take the decision their self. for example, Machine should be able to recognize the mood of the person and play the suited songs. Machine Learning is an approach to achieve the Artificial Intelligence.
What is the relation between Artificia…

List of the basic components required for IoT (Internet of Things)

MCU and Internet Shields: 1. Arduino UNO --- 1 2. Arduino NANO ---- 1 (Optional) 3. NodeMCU 1.0 -- 3 4. Arduino Ethernet Shield -- 1 5. ESP8266 -- 1 (Optional) Components/Sensors/Sensor Shields: 6. LED (Green x 3, Red x 3, Yellow x 1) 7. LDR -- 1 8. Temperature Sensor (LM35 or TMP36) -- 1 9. 4 digit 7 segment display 10. 4x4 Universial 16 Key SwitchKeypadKeyboard Fit For Arduino -- 1 11. PIR Motion Sensor -- 1 12. Sound Sensor Board --- 1 13. 12V1A \ 5V1A fully isolated switching power supply / AC-DC modules / 220V switch 12v 5v lose-lose (C4B1) -- 2 14. 2 channel relay module with opto isolation supports high and low trigger 5V--- 2 15. Generic PCB with bus lines ---- 2 16. Casing -- 3 ( one example below) Accessories: 17. Soldering KIT 18. 220 ohm resistor (Color bands:REDREDBROWN) x 10 19. 10k resistor (Color bands: BROWNBLACKORANGE) x 10 20. RJ45 cable -- 1 21. Breadboard -- 1 22. USB cable (to connect Arduino UNO to PC) -- 1 23. Micro USB (to …