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school lecturer konsi classes ko padha sakta hai? | Process for becoming a Lecturer

A School lecturer is intended to teach the students of 11th and 12th class. He has to take two lecturers in the entire day, one for 11th class and another for 12th class. Moreover, if there is practical work for the subject, he has also embark his time for the lab class for some time.
Eligibility for the School Lecturer The eligibility for becoming a lecturer is having a master degree in the discipline.  Process for becoming a LecturerOne has to appear for an entrance exam followed by a personal interview. The entrance exam and the interview are conducted by PSC (Public Service Commission).

Can I become a lecturer after doing a part time or correspondence Master Degree? yes you can become a lecturer even you have a part time master degree.

How to use urkund for plagiarism check?

There are generally three softwares which are used for checking the plagiarism in academic writing.

Turnitin,ithenticate,urkund. How to use urkund? Firstly you need to visit the official website and login with the valid username and password. After successful login, click on the upload documents to upload the document and submit.
As you have upload the document, after a set of time, the similarity report will be viewed on the home page. On clicking the analysis of similarity report, you can exclude some of the sources (like your already published work etc.) After analysis, you can download the report.

PhD Admission without UGC NET.

Well, It is indeed true that UGC NET is not mandatory for the admission process of PhD.
The first stage for PhD admission is an entrance exam.
So if you are NET qualified, you will be exempted from the entrance stage. However, entrants without NET need to sit for the entrance exam.
Here you can read more about the PhD admission process.

list of universities offering PhD without net Almost every private university allows PhD without NET. Here you can see the list of private universities. However you can also apply to Government universities for PhD without NET. As i mentioned that if you are without NET, you need to clear the entrance exam.

What is the process for PhD migration from one university to another universtiy?

Yes you can migrate your PhD from one university to another university.
Following are the requirements for the  migration process:
You must have a consent letter from the target university must have mentioned that university is ready to supervise the candidate.You also need to produce the NOC from the origin certificate must have mentioned that the university has no issue wherever the candidate pursue the further research.You also need to have certificate from your present supervisor for the same reason.
After all the above formalities, there will be a presentation in the new university. For any doubt, comment below:

how to fix ads.txt file in blogger? | how to solve ads.txt error in adsense manually?

You might also have received the same message as i received to fix ads.txt shown below.

So in order to solve this problem, follow the following steps:
1. Go to, click on fix now and on download button.

2. Open the downloaded ads.txt file. Copy the whole code.
3. Go to, click on  Settings -> Search preferences -> Monetization -> enable custom ads.txt and paste the copied code in the box and save changes.
4. It might take upto 24 hours to review.