Preferred Journals (ESCI, Scopus)

Scalable Information Systems,
Journal of Information and Communication Technology,
Recent Patent on Computer Science,
International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Application by World Scientific,
International Journal of Semantic Computing by World Scientific,
International Journal of Next Generation Computing (2229-4678),
Journal of King Saud University- Computer and Information Science by Elsevier,
International Journal of Information Technology by Springer,
Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences,
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering.
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How to kill free time? | Productive things to do in the leisure time.

Well, i know every one has leisure time to perform some productive tasks. So in this post i will let you know what i do perform in my free time. Hope you will also like it.

  • Business: If you really have a lot of time to spend. Then you think for business strategies. You can think for establishing a business. You can think for establishing a business. You can devote your some part of precious time in devising the business plans.
  • Sort the things in your home: On weekends, i prefer to spend my time to sort the things in my place. I wake up at 8 and start my day just looking after my bike and car. I do make them clean. The the other things which you can also consider like clean your footwears, sort the books in the bookcase etc.
  • Blogging: If you love to write, you can create a blog (website). It is very easy to create a blog which would not take more than 5 minutes. "How to create a blog"
  • Vlogging: You can create a video channel on YouTube to show case the videos.
  • Educate the children:  If you are an educated person or cognizable of something, you can guide the students in your free time. It will make you feel good.
  • Enhance the skills: Having extra curriculum activities or skills increase your chances to better fit in your job. So you can join online free courses on order to improve your skills.
  • Achieve your Goals: You can exploit this time in achieving the goals you always desired for.

How to start blogging?

Blogging is just to write your knowledge in the words form. Blogging provides a platform to share your knowledge or experience to the wider audience. It makes you feel good as well as you earn a good amount out of it.
There are many platforms available on the web to start blogging like Blogger, WordPress, Wix.
Out of these you can choose according to your choice. I have used all of above mentioned. Here i also have provided an analysis of these three platforms.
Blogger: It is provided by the Google. Limited Functionalities, free of cost, easy to use, very light in size.
WordPress: More functionalities than Blogger, free of cost with limited functions, easy to use, size depends on the functions you add.
Wix: More functionalities than WordPress, free of cost with limited functions, easy to use, size depends on the how many functions you add.
Here i tell you how did i start my career as a blogger.
Initially i started my blogging by using I wrote more than 20 posts on this blog. Moreover i also purchased  a premier plugin for the need of my blog. Besides, i purchased a domain name ( and hosted the website on Means overall it cost me around 10000 rupees. And in return i didn't earn even a single penny. The reason is there was inadequate audience on my blog. The reason behind it was: my posts were heavy to get crawled by Search engine. After some time, i started again and i moved to Blogger.
It is very simple to create a blog on the Blogger and i also have mentioned it that blogs created on the blogger are very light weight. Light weight blogs are easily get indexed by any search engine.

How to create a blog on Blogger?

  • Go to and create your own blog with choosing a suitable template (theme).  
  • Start writing posts on the created blog.

How to get more audience on your blog?

Learn one thing, the content is king. As you have listened many of the techniques to get more and more visitors. Trust me it is not required. 

  • Just keep writing good contents. 
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Just try to know what people are looking for on the Internet?
  • Solve the problems of people.
  • Be honest.
  • You can paste your blog links on different social platforms.
  • Platforms like Quora are imperative and useful.

How to earn from the blog?

After having more than 10 posts on you blog. You should apply for Google Ad sense program. Ad sense is one of the best methods to earn from your blog. Around 90 percent of the bloggers earn from this technique.

If you have any query, you can comment below. It ise my pleasure to provide you with solutions.

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