What is an IDE?

IDE stands for Intergrated Development Environment is an application software used by the software engineers to write code for developing the softwares. It provides the facility to the developers for writing and debugging the code easily.
Examples of IDE includes Eclipse, Android Studio, Netbeans, Visual Studio,etc;


  • Is Notepad an IDE?
No Notepad is not an IDE. It is just an text editor.
  • Is Java an IDE?
No Java is not an IDE. Java is a programming language and a platform. In order to write a programming code, we required a text editor or an  IDE. The IDE used for java programming language are as Eclipse, Netbeans.

Learn everything on Money Investment. | What are Mutual Funds?

There are different ways to save or invest your money like:
  • Saving Accounts
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Buy Gold or Jewelry
  • Real Estate
  • Stock Market

Every investment has three things: Return, Risk and Time.
  • Return means how much profit you are earning through investment.
  • Risk means how risky is to invest, how many chances are there to loose all the money.
  • Time is how long you are investing for. More time means more saving.

The basic rule is more risk and more time generate more money.

Which investments are best?

Saving Account: It is very safe. But the return we get from this mode is very low. The interest rate in the last few years is 4-5%. 
Fixes Deposit: It is also a less risky option. There is a time bond before we can't withdraw our money out. So the interest rate here is higher than the savings account. The interest rate is 7-8%.
Investment through Gold or Jewelry: In these days, Gold and Jewelry have a significant risk, their prices fluctuates a lot. 
Real Estate: The risk in these types of investments is low to moderate. It also vary from location to location. One of the disadvantages of these types investments is you need to have a lot of capital to buying properties.
Stock Market: It is very risky. If you don't have any knowledge about the stock markets, you must not invest your money in this market.
There are many other ways to invest your money apart from above mentioned options. One of them is through Mutual Funds.

Saving through Mutual Funds

Mutual funds is a special type of investment through which you can invest you money on different types together by investing at one place.
Basically you give your money to Asset Management Company and many other people do so like you do. An Asset Management Company starts mutual funds. They have experts which invest your money in different places with their knowledge. Some of the profit is kept by the Asset Management Company and the rest you get back as per the return rate.
HDFC, HSBC, ICICI, Reliance, Aditya Birla, TATA etc; are the few companies and banks who have started their own asset management companies.
The interest rate for mutual funds mostly vary from 4% to 30%. It can be of zero risk and can be high risk too. It depends upon where the Asset Management Company is investing you money.
Types of Mutual Funds:
  1. Equity Mutual Funds
  2. Debt Mutual Funds
  3. Hybrid Mutual Funds
Equity Mutual Funds are the funds where your money is investing in the stock markets. There can be risk. 
debt mutual fund (also known as a fixed-income fund) invests a significant portion of your money in fixed-income securities like government securities, debentures, corporate bonds and other money-market instruments.
Hybrid funds are mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in more than one type of investment security, such as stocks and bonds.

What is the role of a Data Scientist? How to become a Data Scientist?

In this post, we will share all about the Data Scientist.

We will cover:

What is data?
What is role of a Data Scientist?
Which tools are used in analyzing the data?
Which degree is required for becoming a data scientist?
What is the salary of a data scientist?

So the first question arises is, what is data?

In our daily lives, what we do perform on the internet, it is creating the data. for example, we do perform some searches on the search engine. The search engines store all your submitted queries in their databases. Besides, the search engines also keep track you which websites you are clicking on. So all the submitted queries, clicked documents, etc are data. When you are watching some videos on YouTube, it is also a data for the company that which videos you have watched. It helps the companies to know you very well. You are doing shopping on the Amazon or any other platform, these platforms store your past history like what you have purchased, which products you have watched. All these are examples of data and this data is collected by the companies in order to predict you needs in the future.

What is role of a Data Scientist?

Let’s start with an example which you surely might have noticed on the internet. For example; in order to purchase a mobile phone online, you may use the Google search engine or any other platform. So after some time or even after some days, you will notice that there are lots of advertisements on Facebook, or YouTube for mobile phones based on your interests.
These are the jobs of the Data Scientists who predict you and your needs.
In order to serve your request efficiently, a lot of processes performed by the data scientist like collecting the data, prepossessing the collected data, pattern discovery, analyze and visualize the information.

Which degree is required for becoming a data scientist?

There is no any specific degree required for becoming a data scientist. But of course the degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Mining, Computer Science help the students to play a better role in the job. But a person with degree in commerce can also become a data scientist. He needs to be certified in the data scientist’s courses.

Which tools are used?

Python, R for processing the data.
Tableau, SQL Query, VBA Scripting, Clipview etc for visualize the data.

What is the salary of a data scientist?

Average Starting Salary of a data scientist in US: $ 95000 per annum.
Average Salary of a data scientist in India: Rupees 8 Lakh per annum.

How to know if a journal is UGC indexed?

It is pertinent to publish your research papers in reputed journals. Moreover, the research papers published in the predatory journals do not create any value in your profile. Also in order to get Mphill or PhD, UGC requires from the candidates to publish their research papers in the UGC indexed journals.
Follow the steps to check if the journal you are considering is indexed in UGC CARE List.

  1. Visit the website: https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/apps1/home/index
  2. Here you can the journal by ISSN, or Journal Title and many other options are available. Before accessing this option, you need to signup by providing your email and other details.

Complete process of Java Application Development

In this post we will learn how to develop Java application. Before developing java application, you need to set up the basic environment like how to download the JDK, how to use the IDE?
Steps to set up the environment:

  1. Download the latest version of JDK from the Oracle site. Install the JDK on your computer. After install the JDK, you can check whether it has been successfully installed in your computer or not by using command prompt. You just have to type "java -version" in command prompt, it will tell you some information about the java installed on your computer as shown in the following picture:
  2. The next task is to setup the path of java. There are two ways to setup the java path:
    1. Temporary: Go to Command Prompt and copy the path of JDK bin to the set path as shown in the below picture:
    2. Permanent: You can follow this tutorial.
  3. The next thing is to have IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing the java code. The two most popular editor used are: 
    1. Notepad
    2. Eclipse
I used to prefer Eclipse. You can download the latest version of Eclipse and start developing java applications.

List of IITs of Inida.

Total number of IITs: 23

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M)
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) 
Indian Insitute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IIT-I) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (IIT-BHU) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IIT-P) 
Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar 
Indian Institute of Technology, (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad 
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar 
Indian Institute of Technology, (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi 
Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur 
Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu 
Indian Institute of Technology, Goa 
Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad 
Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad 
Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati 

New PhD/ MS Admissions in IITs

There are total 23 IITs.

Ph.D. / Direct Ph.D. / M.S. (by Research) ADMISSION @ IIT MADRAS FOR JULY 2020

Application Dates: 1st March – 31st March 2020.

Date of online test: 13.05.2020
Date of Interview: 14.05.2020
Required Degree: U.G/P.G degree. Candidates who are in their final semester/year of their U.G/P.G degree may apply.

Application fee:

For GN/EWS/OBC-NCL Male candidates : Rs.100/-
For GN/EWS/OBC-NCL Female candidates : Rs.50/-
For SC/ST and PwD candidates : Rs.50/-


For Ph.D
Rs.31,000/- p.m. for first 2 years
Rs.35,000/- p.m. for subsequent 3 years.
For M.S
Rs.12,400/- p.m. for 21⁄2 year.

Official Website of the Institute


Application Dates: Last Date: 10 April, 2020.
Date of online test: 08.05.2020
Date of Interview: 11.05.2020
Required Degree: U.G/P.G degree. Candidates who are in their final semester/year of their U.G/P.G degree may apply.

Application fee:

Application Fees: Rs. 100/- (SC/ST/PD Category), Rs. 200/- (Others)


For Ph.D
Rs.31,000/- p.m. for first 2 years
Rs.35,000/- p.m. for subsequent 3 years.

Official Website of the Institute

Ph.D. / Direct Ph.D. / M.S. (by Research) ADMISSION @ IIT BOMBAY FOR JULY 2020

No information now.

Ph.D.  ADMISSION @ IIT Roorkee FOR JULY 2020

No information now.

Official Website of the Institute

Ph.D.  ADMISSION @ IIT Kharagpur FOR JULY 2020

No information now.

Official Website of the Institute


No information now.

Official Website of the Institute


No information now.

Official Website of the Institute: https://iitk.ac.in/doaa/pgadmission.htm


No information now.

Official Website of the Institute: https://www.iitbhilai.ac.in/index.php?pid=adm_phd_new


Can i do Part Time PhD from the IIT?
Yes you can, you may confirm whether the current institution or an industry in which you are working is situated within commutable distance from the IIT where you want to pursue Part Time PhD.

What is Platform Independent? How java is Platform Independent?

Java is a programming language and a platform. Due to its own run time environment (JRE), it is also known as platform.
Platform Independent means "write once and run anywhere". Here in the programming, writing means compiling. Platform Independent means writing a piece of code on one operating system and that complied code is able to run on another operating system. 
C, C++ are Platform Dependent while java is Platform Independent.

How java is Platform Independent?

Java is Platform Independent because of its Byte Code. When we write or (compile) the java code, it gets converted to Byte Code which can run on all operating systems requires JVM (Java Virtual Machine). JVM is also known as Interpreter which comes along JDK (Java Development Kit) and JRE (Java Run time Environment). JVM converts the ByteCode to the Machine Specific Code.

Why C, C++ is not platform Independent?

Because the these languages compilers directly converts the code to the machine specific code. And this code is different for all the operating systems. 

What is JDK, JRE and JVM? 

Whenever we need to write the java code, we must have JDK installed in our computer. You can download the latest version of JDK from the Oracle official website. When you download the JDK, it download the JDK along with JRE. JVM is subset of JVM. It means every thing get loaded on the download of JDK. A user can also download only JRE.
If some one has to develop the java applications, he must have loaded the JDK in his computer. Means you can say, JDK is for the developers. And if someone has only run the java applications, the JRE is enough.

What is the Portability?

It is simple, means if a code is able to compile on different operating systems. And different operating systems have different compilers.
You can also Read more for more illustrations.

All about journals and research paper | What is impact factor? | how the impact factor is calculated? | who calculate the impact factor? Scopous journals

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