Monday, 6 April 2020

What is Web Mining? What are different techniques of web mining?

|Web Mining | Three techniques of the web mining|


Web Mining is the process of mining the useful information from the web. It can be better understand with the help of looking the working of a search engine. Search engine actually works on the principles of web mining. There are three techniques used in web mining.


  • Web Content Mining.
  • Web Structure Mining.
  • Web Usage Mining.

Web Content Mining

Web Content Mining is the process of analyzing the contents of web pages. It is also knows as the web scrapping or web harvesting.

Web Structure Mining

Web Structure Mining is the process of knowing the relationships among the different web pages like how the web pages are interlinked with one another. It is also used to find the ranking of a web page. Many algorithms are used for finding the ranking of a web page. Alexa Ranking, Page Ranking algorithm, HITS algorithm, etc, are the examples of page ranking algorithms. Page Ranking algorithm which was developed by the Larry page, owner of the Google.

Web Usage Mining

Web Usage Mining is used to personalize the information to the users. In web usage mining, the past history of the users is used in order to personalize the information.

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