Thursday, 14 May 2020

Latest Kashmir Administrative Service Syllabus

Kashmir Administrative Service Syllabus 2020


A. Preliminary Examination 

The Examination shall comprise of two papers of 200 marks each. 

B. Main Examination: 

1. The written examination will consist of the following papers:

2. Candidates may choose any one of the optional subjects from amongst the list of the subjects given below:- 

1) Agriculture: 
2) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science: 
3) Anthropology: 
4) Botany: 
5) Chemistry: 
6) Civil Engineering: 
7) Commerce and Accountancy: 
8) Economics: 
9) Electrical Engineering: 
10) Geography: 
11) Geology; 
12) History: 
13) Law; 
14) Management; 
15) Mathematics; 
16) Mechanical Engineering; 
17) Medical science; 
18) Philosophy; 
19) Physics; 
20) Political Science & International Relations; 
21) Psychology; 
22) Public Administration: 
23) Sociology; 
24) Statistics; 
25) Zoology; 
26) Literature of any one of the following languages: 
Arabic, Dogri, English, Hindi, Kashmiri, Persian, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Urdu

I. The question papers of the examination will be of conventional (essay) type. 
II. Each paper will be of three hours’ duration. 

C. Personality Test (Interview):

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