Sunday, 3 May 2020

list of Good publishers for publishing research paper

List of Publishers which publish very good research articles in various fields.

When you are planning to publish your research paper, it is always recommended to publish in reputed journals. And these reputed journals are indexed by good publishers. Moreover, most of these journals are indexed by Scopus, SCI, SCIE, etc.

Elsevier, Springer, and IEEE are very popular publishers for research paper. But, I think there might be other publishers or societies that would have good journals and publish very good papers.

  • Elsevier,
  • Springer,
  • IEEE,
  • ACM Publications,
  • Wiley,
  • Taylor & Francis,
  • Oxford university press,
  • SAGE,
  • MIT Press,
  • IEICE,
  • IET,
  • World scientific Publi.,
  • Science press,
  • IOS Press.



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