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How to apply for the domicile certificate in Jammu & Kashmir online? | Apply online through Jammu Kashmir Domicile Online Portal.

Domicile Certificates in Jammu & Kashmir now to be issued online. Follow the guideline and steps to apply online for domicile certificate. Domicile Certificate now a click away, can be obtained in seamless manner, can be preserved, retrieved, anywhere, anytime. Facility also available through   Khidmat Centers. It is also for the Leh and Kargil Districts of Ladakh UT. Online Application cum Issuance of Domicile Certificate Procedure to be followed to apply online for Domicile Certificate Visit the URL: Register using the register link Upload scanned photo up to 50 KB (JPG) Note the User ID, Password and Citizen ID After login click on e-services and on “Application for Domicile Services.” Complete application form and submit Note Unique Application ID Download the Certificate when approved IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for Domicile Certificate Before applying the Service, User has to register using the Citizen Registration Link give

PhD admission Notification for Six Universities 2020-21

PhD Admission | Here is the list of some of the top universities where the process for PhD admission has been started. Apply before the last date. SIX UNIVERSITY PhD ADMISSION NOTIFICATION 2020 - 21 List of the universities for PhD Admission for 2020 BITS PILANI UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD UNIVERSITY OF CHANDIGARH TEZPUR UNIVERSITY NORTH - EASTERN HILL UNIVERSITY AMITY UNIVERSITY 1. BITS PILANI PhD Admission Important Dates  Online Application Starts 3 June 2020    Last Date for submission of  Online Application Form    30 june 2020 TO SEE THE PHD ADMISSION DETAILS, WEBSITE LINK FOR BITS PILANI 2 University of Hyderabad PhD Admission Important Dates  Online Application Starts 3 April 2020    Last Date for submission of  Online Application Form    30 june 2020 TO SEE THE PHD ADMISSION DETAILS, WEBSITE LINK FOR UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD,   3. Chandigarh University PhD Admission Important Dates  On

List of 400+ courses for July to Dec 2020 semester are open for Enrollment.

SWAYAM Online Courses List of 400+ courses for July to Dec 2020 semester are open for Enrollment. The list of overall courses available under SWAYAM for different disciplines: UAV Design - Part II Aircraft Stability and Control Space Flight Mechanics Advance Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Structures - I Engineering Thermodynamics Introduction to Ancient Indian Technology Introduction to CFD Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Introduction to Airbreathing Propulsion Introduction to Aircraft Design Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering Dairy and Food process and products technology Thermal Operations in Food Process Engineering: Theory and Applications Irrigation and Drainage Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production Farm Machinery Thermal Processing of Foods Engineering Mechanics Engineering Fracture Mechanics Building Materials and Composites Environmental Soil Chemistry Architectural Acoustics Contemporary Architecture and Design Role of Craft and Technology in Int

400+ courses for July to Dec 2020 semester are open for Enrollment. Don't Miss the Opportunity to Learn Online.

SWAYAM Online Courses | SWAYAM is an online web platform that stands for "Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds". It is an Indian Massive open online course platform. 400+ SWAYAM Online Courses for July to Dec 2020 semester are open for Enrollment! Don't Miss the Opportunity to Learn Online! Benefits of SWAYAM Courses:  This massive online platform provides Best-in-Class Instructors from various eminent institutes like IIT, NIT etc.  These courses empowering you with knowledge and skills.  Weekly Assignments of these courses   ensures your progress in timely manner.  At the end, you will be provided a valuable certificate based on your assessment and the test held at the last phase.  This certificate constitutes points which are valuable in the interview processes for various posts like Assistant Professor in the higher education etc.  All these courses can be taken for free. The start/end dates and SWAYAM exam dates are as follows: The tentativ

Assistant Professor jobs in colleges or universities | Contractual jobs in colleges or universities.

Assistant Professor: The Assistant Professor post is a Gazetted Post. There are two phases in which a candidate has to go through in order to become an Assistant Professor . The first phase is to qualify for the UGC NET exam followed by the second phase that is the interview process. However, the candidates who are PhD are exempted from the UGC NET . In this post, we will also know regarding the contractual posts in the colleges or universities. Assistant Professor | Lecturer There are two sort of jobs which you can get in the colleges or universities. Contractual Permanent Eligibility for Contractual post: The basic eligibility for the contractual job is having a Post Graduation degree in the specified subject. If you are UGC NET qualified or PhD holder, you will get more benefits. Salary for Contractual post: If a candidate is having only master degree, he is known as Teaching Assistant and will get the salary around Rupees 25000 per month. If a candidate is UGC NET qualified

Volatile Keyword and Transient Keyword in Java

Volatile Keyword in Java Volatile keyword is used to modify the value of a variable by different threads. It is also used to make classes thread safe. It means that multiple threads can use a method and instance of the classes at the same time without any problem. Example class Test   {   static int var=5;   }   In the above example, assume that two threads are working on the same class. Both threads run on different processors where each thread has its local copy of var. If any thread modifies its value, the change will not reflect in the original one in the main memory. It leads to data inconsistency because the other thread is not aware of the modified value. class Test   {   static volatile int var =5;   }   In the above example, static variables are class members that are shared among all objects. There is only one copy in the main memory. The value of a volatile variable will never be stored in the cache. All read and write will be done from and to the mai

Layout Manager in Java

Layout Layout means the arrangement of components within the container. In other way we can say that placing the components at a particular position within the container. The task of layouting the controls is done automatically by the Layout Manager. Layout Manager The layout manager automatically positions all the components within the container. If we do not use layout manager then also the components are positioned by the default layout manager. It is possible to layout the controls by hand but it becomes very difficult because of the following two reasons. It is very tedious to handle a large number of controls within the container. Often the width and height information of a component is not given when we need to arrange them. AWT Layout Manager Classes: Following is the list of commonly used controls while designed GUI using AWT. ·          BorderLayout The borderlayout arranges the components to fit in the five regions: east, west, north, south and center. ·

JDBC in Java

JDBC JDBC is an acronym for Java Database Connectivity. It’s advancement for ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). JDBC is a standard API specification developed in order to move data from frontend to backend. The Java JDBC API (Java Database Connectivity) enables Java applications to connect to relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, H2 Database etc. The JDBC API makes is possible to query and update relational databases. Why JDBC came into existence? As previously told JDBC is advancement for ODBC, ODBC being platform dependent had a lot of drawbacks. ODBC API was written in C,C++, Python, Core Java and as we know above languages (except Java and some part of Python ) are platform dependent . Therefore to remove dependence, JDBC was developed by database vendor which consisted of classes and interfaces written in Java. Following is the architectural diagram, which shows the location of the driver manager with respect to the JDBC drivers and the