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Accounting Multiple Choice Questions with answers | Download PDF for MCQs

MCQs BASED ON INTRODUCTION TO THE ACCOUNTING 1. Which of following will not be recorded in the book of Account?a) Sales of goodsb) Payment of salaryc) Quality of staffd) Purchases of goods
2. Book keeping is mainly concerned willa) Recording financial data reality to businessb) Designing for systems recording classifying & summarizing records datac) Interpreting data for internal & external usersd) All of above
3. The pioneer of accounting isa) Arthor field houseb) Gitmanc) William picklesd) Lucas pacioli
4. Accounting records of a business enterprises is required bya) Management of the businessb) Outsidersc) All of aboved) None of these
5. To control the cost of production & distribution is main field ofa) Financial accountingb) Cost accountingc) Auditingd) None of these
6. Book keeping provides thea) Primary informationb) Secondary informationc) Annual informationd) NOT
7. Modern system of book keeping isa) Single entry systemsb) Double entry systemc) British systemd) NOT
8. Su…