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A journal is called a book of

a) Primary Entry

b) Secondary Entry

c) Final Entry

d) None of these

2. Rent paid is related to

a) Personal account

b) Real account

c) Nominal account

d) All of these

3. The process of recording transaction in different journals is

a) Posting

b) Entry making

c) Adjoining

d) Journalising

4. Every business transaction affects at least ___________ accounts.

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Infinite

5. Sales to Mohsin on account should be debited to

a) Cash A/c

b) Sales A/c

c) Mohsin A/c

d) Account Receivable

6. Interest paid to Ali should be debited to

a) Ali Account

b) Interest Account

c) Cash Account

d) Account payable Account

7. Good returned to supplies should be debited to

a) Sales return

b) Return outward

c) Return inward

d) Supplies account

8. A journal entry that require more than two account is called

a) Double entry

b) Compound entry

c) Combined entry

d) Single entry

9. Cash discount allowed to debtor should debited to

a) Debtor account

b) Discount account

c) Creditor Account

d) Cash Account

10. Cash discount received from creditor should be debited to

a) Debtor's a/c

b) discount received

c) Cash account

d) Supplier account

11. Firstly transaction is written in

a) Ledger

b) Account

c) Journal

d) Trial balance

12. Loss of goods by fire should be credited to

a) Loss by fire

b) Sale account

c) Capital

d) Purchase account

13. David account is related to

a) Personal account

b) Real account

c) Nominal account

d) All of these

14. Business transaction are recorded in

a) Chronological order

b) Weekly

c) at the end of month

d) All of these

15. A compound journal entry has

a) Equal debit and credit

b) Generally extend to several pages

c) Does not requires narration

d) All of these

16. Which of the following account will be credited on giving cash donation

a) Cash account

b) Donation account

c) Purchase account

d) None of these

17. The term credit means

a) Receiving the benefit

b) It has no effect on business

c) Increasing expenses

d) All of these

18. When a liability is reduced or decreased, it is recorded on the

a) Left or credit side of account

b) Right or debit side of account

c) Right or credit side of account

d) None of these

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