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What are the different types of Web technologies?

A website or a web application can be developed by using web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, BootStrap, jQuery, PHP, Servlets, .NET Framework etc... Two categories of Web Development The web technologies can be divided into backend and frontend technologies. The front end technologies are used to design (Frond End) of the web site where as back end technologies are used to develop the web site or web application. The developers who deal with the front end technologies are known as Front End Developers. While Back End Developers exploit the back end technologies to develop the web application. The developers who are well versed with both front end and back end technologies are known as Full Stack Developers. Let’s start learning with basics terminologies. WWW : Affectionately called “The Web”.It is a collection of information stored on the networked computers over the world. Individual document pages on the World Wide Web are called web pages and are accessed with a software ap

MCQs on Computer | computer gk MCQs in english

Multiple Choice Questions on Computer Fundamentals for Competitive Exams  1. Computers that control processes, accept data in a continuous..... (A) data traffic pattern (B) data highway (C) infinite loop (D) feedback loop 2. A language reflects the way people think mathematically is..... (E) cross platform programming (F) functional (G) event driven programming (H) 3GL business programming 3. A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect results is called a.... (I) logical error (J) syntax error (K) procedural error (L) compiler error 4. A device for changing the connection on a connector to a different configuration is.... a. a converter b. a component c. an attachment d. an adapter   5. Technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line is a. Digital transmission b. Infrared transmission c. Streaming d. Multiplexing 6. Which of the following would you find on LinkedIn? a. Games b. Connections c. Chat d. A