Basic functions of python used in Data Science for data exploration.

  • head(): It shows the first five rows of the dataset.
  • shape: It shows the total rows and columns of the dataset.
  • index: It shows an index of the data frame.
  • columns: It shows the name of each column
  • dtypes: It shows the data type of each column
  • unique: It provides the unique values. It can be applied on a single column only.
  • nunique: It shows the total number of unique values in a column. It can also be applied on a whole data frame.
  • count: It shows the total no of non-null values in each column.
  • info: it provides the basic information about the data frame.

I have applied all the above commands in a data science project. You must also practice these commands.

The data set can be downloaded from here.

The source code having all the above commands:

import pandas as pd
data=pd.read_csv('C:/Users/sunny/Desktop/MACHINE LEARNING/python_project/weather.csv')


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