covid 19 python project | Latest Covid data analysis udsing Juypter Notebook

 Code and Output is provided bolow:

1. import pandas as pd

2. import seaborn as sn

3. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

4. data=pd.read_csv('C:/Users/sunny/Desktop/MACHINE             LEARNING/python_project/coviddata.csv')


5. data.columns

6. data.count()

7. data=data.drop(["date", "total_cases", "total_deaths", "weekly_cases", "weekly_deaths", "biweekly_cases","biweekly_deaths"], axis=1)

8. data.columns

9. data.rename(


    "new_cases": "cases",

    "new_deaths": "deaths"




10. data.columns

11. data.groupby('location').sum().head()

12. data.groupby('location')['cases'].sum().sort_values(ascending=False).head(5)

13. data[data.location=="India"].head()


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